Tuesday, 8 July 2008


a couple of examples of those basics you can usually rely on lidl to get right. bread. peanut butter. you could live on these. well, you might die of scurvy

mcennedy peanut butter (454g)

price: £0.79
how consumed: with bread

really, it's hard to make bad peanut butter - there's not much to go wrong (i've had it once: asda smart price. seemed to be made of bitter-tasting oily grit). its nutritious 25% protein/50% fat combo + added ease of use has made it a student staple forever (well, at least back when i was one). lidl's is pretty tasty - as good as most supermarket/branded ones you care to mention, if not quite up there with the poncy organic varieties. crunchy, by preference, for me, but they're both good

perfectly decent. 7½/10

malted grain bread (800g)

price: £0.75
how consumed: with peanut butter

standard granary loaf (without all the stuff like linseeds that you get in the premium ones) like in other supermarkets, but costs less. quite thin-cut, satisfying malty taste. works as toast, sandwiches, whatever. perhaps just a touch too dry. not much more to say, really: definitely a decent loaf of bread

good work. 7½/10